Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I just read the blogs and my eyes are still watering. How cut the children are. I love your comments about the pictures. I love my family. You are all the best. I will be so glad to have you8 all in Ut. County again.

I love you.


Monday, December 17, 2007

I have been trying to comment after each sequence of pictures, comments etc. but for some reason I can't get the computer to cooperate. I think I posted after Michelle's post but couldn't after Jeremys' and Plonnies' . Nayway here goes if I can remember what I was going to say. Congratulations Jeremy for being able to finish school, with honors. I am so proud of you. And now you are teaching at the same school. How great.

I loved your pictures of your children. I had tears in my eyes by the time I finished reading your blog. It is so much fun.

Congratulations to Tyler and Michelle. You have a very nice hole. I am so excited you will soon have a brand new home. Thanks for the pictures. I was so touched I was tearful while reading the blog.

Brandon and Tina
How great that Brandon is nearly finished with his semester of school. Only one more. The pictures were so cute. Your kids are so cute and fun. Thanks for the pictures.

We love you all sooooooomuch.

Mom and Dad

We love you all soooooomuch.

Love Mom abnd Dad.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Aaron,. you are fantastic. Maybe we'll have an Olymian in our family. And now you're teaching your
little sister. What a team!!!! We are proud of you Aaron. and Krystil our beautiful Little Krystil.

And then how can we forget Marissa, No No we cant do that.. Sweet, beautiful, SMART, Marissa.
What a family. Your Mom and Dad must be doing something very right. We love them very much!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I am sorry I haven't been paying attentiong to the blogs lately. I tried to comment following the pictures but for some reason the computer would not let me comment. I decided to comment on a new post. I really enjoy the pictures and the comments. It is so good to have you as our family. We love you all soooooo much.

I need to get ready for NAMI now and have to stop by the bank before the meeting. I will write more later. I PROMISE.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Scuba Diving

Mom and I just finished reqading ya'll's blogs. What a neat family and such cute kids. We love you all. Tyler and I went Scuba Diving last Thursday at Sea Base. Sea Base is located about 35 miles west of Salt Lake City near Grantsville. It is a series of ponds filled by warm spring water. (temp about 80 in summer and a little lower in winter) The spring comes up through the old Lake Bonneville bed and thus picks up salt from the strata. It has about the same salinity as the ocean. We were able to feed the fish lettuce. We would hold the head of lettuce in our hand and the fish would swim right up to us and take bites of the lettuce. It was so awesome. There were some really big beautiful fish there. There are two sharks there also but they were hiding when we were there so we didn't get to see them. They are about 9 feet long. It was an awsome day. Thanks Tyler.

Well two games down and we are at 50%, but I think the team will do very well. Hall was great. I am looking forward to the next game.

Love you lots!!!


Friday, July 20, 2007

MOm's 8 secrets

1. In the third grade I was standing behind a classmate after recess waiting to go into the building. I must have been mad that she was in front of me but for whatever reason I reached down and grabbed her ankles and picked her up. Her forehead landed on the edge of the step in front of us. She bled like crazy. I remember going in to the principal's office. Then Mother came and brought me home. I don't remember my punishment but it must have been fierce. I went to high school with her and at a reunion I remember staring at her forehead. It had healed quite nicely. I reminded her of what I'd done and she didn't remember it was me.

2. I started dating at 12 and had my first kiss at 12. His name was Mike Smith. This was in Bozeman, Montana. (To my grandchildren reading this - those were different times and besides I always had to take my little sister, Judie, with me. The rule now is 16 and don't you forget it!!!!!!!!

3. I wrote the script to a road show for the MIA kids when I was in Belgium. It was about Freddie the Ferocious Dragon. The three girls were frightened maidens from the castle. Then two missionaries came along and converted him to the gospel and they all remained fast friends.
I got costumes from and old attic that stored costumes for the city. WE perfformed it that Youth Conference in a Swiss Army Camp in Switzerland.

4. When I was going to BYU I used to spend two hours every day in the music practice room in what is now the north end of the Provo Library. I would sing and accompany myself singing mostly opera and other classical music. I miss it and I'm sad that is not a part of my life now.

5. In 7th grade I tried out for the school chorus and was turned down. I was disappointed but I promised myself that someday Miss Bonelli would be sorry. Well a little dramatic but it did make me more proactive. In high school I took lessons from the school choral director and I made into the top chorus and then was chosen to be in theSWeet Sixteen where we sang for various city and other functions.

6. I was a Thespian in High School and was in numerous plays (

7. During my Senior year I was in charge of a statewide Thespian convention and workshop.

8. My favorite scripture is in the Book of Mormon - And I was encircled about eternally in His arms. Ths was Alma talking to his sons before he died. It is such a comforting concept to know that we are in His arms and he will protect us as long as we remain with him.